About District Institute of Education and Training (DIET)

The National Policy on Education (NPE) 1986 and Programme of Action (POE) envisaged a district level institution to support academic function and teacher empowerment programmes in the district. DIETs (District Institute of Education and Training) in India are one of off-shoots of the NPE, 1986. 1986 was based on the context of education scenario at the national level. There are so many as 500 DIETs in India. Initially DIETs was entrusted with various interventions for the quality improvement in primary education.

There are 14 DIETs in Kerela-One each district. In Kerela DIETs started functioning in 1989 (in three district namely Kasargod, Wayanand and Thrissur) in the first phase and in 4 other district namely Kannur , Calicut, Pathanamthitta and Ernakulam in 1991 in the second Public Instruction is the Controlling Officer of all DIETs in Kerela. Each DIETs has an Advisory Committee that is reconstituted every year with the representatives of universities, educational experts, educational officers, media persons, teachers, headmasters and students. The committee generally sits twice in a year; first for planning the programmers of an academic year and the other one for the evaluation of implementation of the same.

Field Interaction

DIET is always in touch with the teachers, teacher's trainers, teacher's trainee, headmaster of the elementary schools and all others functionaries in accomplishing their roles for providing effective curriculum transaction and effective management of institutions. This interaction is effective through directs visits to schools and through telephone calls.

Resource Support

The constant which on the performance of teachers and functionaries result in fixing where areas where interventions are required. With the identification of the needs of the target group of the teachers and functionaries, proper scaffoldings in curriculum transaction and management are planned.

Research and Action Research

DIET undertakes Action Researches and equips teachers for doing the same to solve the problems faced in classrooms during the curriculum transaction and studies aiming at formulating innovating strategies and methods in the field of teaching and school management.

The Pre-Service Training

DIET runs the pre-service training (Two year TTC course) programme with a view to be the model for the teacher education programmes given by Teachers Training Institutes (TTIs) in the district.

In-service Training

Then problems of working teachers and functionaries sensed trough interaction are addressed through in-service training of teachers and functionaries. In-service trainings programs are also carried out to induct an idea in pedagogy evaluation that is propagated in cascade-mode or non-cascade mode.

Support for Adult and Non-Formal Education

DIET is the district level agency to support the functions of Adult and Non-formal education programmes such as intensive training for preraks etc


As a pioneering institution DIETs have to disseminate the innovations in curriculum transaction as well as evaluation to the stake holders: teachers, parents, experts and functionaries.