Public Works Department : Rural Roads, Goalpara



Goalpara Rural Road Division under PWR Department is one of the vital Division for development works of Goalpara District, which has always been trying to provide better service to the people in the field of road communication system in between rural and urban areas. This division was established on 1952 known as Goalpara (R&B), PWD Division. In 1976, Goalpara PWD (R&B) Division had been divided in two Division (PWD, Goalpara Road Division, PWD, Goalpara Building Division) At that time road length of this division was 769.63km (BT Road 41.54km, Gravel and earthen road 727.82km, Timber bridge 281nos) In the year 2000, this division renamed as PWD, Goalpara Rural Road Division.

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About PWD RR Goalpara

Name of Division : PWD Goalpara Rural Roads Division

Name of Sub Division

  1. Goalpara RR Sub Division.
  2. Dudhnoi RR Sub Division
Name Of Circle : PWD, Western Assam Circle, Goalpara
Office Address Office Of The Executive Engineer,
Public Works Department, Goalpara Rural Road Division,
Near D.C. Office, Goalpara,
Post Office : Baladmari,
District : Goalpara,
PIN : 783121
Ex. Engineer,
PWD, Goalpara RR Division,

District Nodal Officer :
Er. Banajit Adhikary,
A.E., PWD, Goalpara RR Division,
Web Address :,
Email Address : eepwrd.goarrd-as[at]gov[dot]in, adhikary_banajit[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Road & Bridge Details At A Glance

Total nos of roads Total Road length (km) C.C./Paver Block (km) B.T. (km) Gravel Road Earthen Road Total nos of SPT Bridges Total nos of RCC Bridges Remarks
808 1522.23 34.26 844.92 93.05 550 98 183 Surveyed on 31.12.16

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